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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So as you can tell, it's been awhile since we have last posted anything of interest. I know we have both been busy trying to get things in motion for The Bee's Knees Sweet Treats. We now have finalized on a logo, thanks to a good friend, Adam Smith. He has been so kind to help us design the look of The Bee's Knees Sweet Treats! We have now also moved on to having a banner for everyone to recognize. Here it is...

Some other updates: We have officially joined the Twitter world. Hoping to generate more awareness with all these social medias, we are just trying to keep up with the times. We are still trying to work on our official website and then create some type of menu flyer for those to take with. We have had much success at the Audubon Market on Monday nights. If you swing by, you can check out some really sweet local vendors and taste some of our fresh treats!

As for SWEETS, we have ventured into trying some new ideas. At our last market, we had hand dipped chocolate marshmallows in nuts & sprinkles. They were a hit and who doesn't enjoy a nice chocolate marshmallow? We have also made sure to try to incorporate fresh ingredients into our sweets. What ever is in season, we want to use local ingredients in our recipes. It just adds to the touch of why we are the Bee's Knees of sweets. In addition to Audubon Markets being a regular thing on Monday nights, we have also made sure to be present at Redlight Redlight on most Thursday & Friday nights. Here we will try to incorporate some of the special beers on tap into our sweets. Recently, we have had whiskey truffles, absinthe cupcakes complete with a sugar cube on top, and even a midnight oil chocolate truffle for the Swamp Head Brewery Release Party - Flight Night!

We are still keeping busy with orders for events and really enjoy trying to cater to each individual's needs. It's nice to hear that we have "made someone's day" or that the person we were providing the sweets for throughly enjoyed the treats. That is why we are doing what we are - to make sure everyone has a little bit of sweetness in their lives.

We are definitely excited about the upcoming events. Make sure to mark your calendars for the Pink Light event on June 6th. We will definitely be sharing some delicious sweets and will have some new ideas for you to try!

"There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love chocolate, and communists" - Leslie Moak Murray.

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