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Monday, May 24, 2010

Audubon Park Community Market! 6.24.10

Happy Monday to you!

We are looking forward to a wonderful week ahead! It is filled with cupcakes, great musical events, and ending with a "Girls Only" roadtrip to Atlanta! We will be celebrating the birth of our dear friend, Jaime. We promise to share some of the pictures taken to document our memories and all of the food we partake in!

But thinking of today, we will be at the Audubon Market this evening from 6pm until 10pm. We are pleasantly happy to share that we have decided to name our little confections. After all, we hold them near and dear to us! Have a peek at some of the new names we've created and what will be available at tonite's market!

Everyday is like Sundae

Chocolate cupcake filled with Nutella. Topped with whipped cream, nuts, and maraschino cherry.

Orange you my Honey?

Cupcake filled with the sweetness of Orange Blossom Honey and fresh orange juice. Topped with orange cream cheese frosting.

Say Blueberry Cheesecake

Shortbread crust topped with blueberry creamy cheese amazingness.

Cheeky Monkey

Peanut butter cupcake mixed with fresh bananas. Topped with dark chocolate glaze.

Sounds pretty dreamy if I do say so myself! Emily and I look forward to seeing you later this evening!

with sweetness,


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